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If you have a billing concern or dispute please contact Lori at 715-372-8985.


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If you have a water or sewer emergency please contact Tim at 715-813-7194

Recent Announcements:

Iron River Sanitary District Permanent Chlorination Notice


Chlorination begins September 12, 2022 8:00am

A persistent species of bacteria has become established in our water distribution system. A combination of system age and new water main construction have caused this to occur. Repeated chlorine disinfections and high volume hydrant flushing's are no longer effective and no longer accepted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Regulators.

  • We will be dosing the water at 0.2 parts per million.

    • This is 20 times less concentrated than the chlorine bleach you use for washing clothes or disinfecting surfaces and 5 to 15 times less concentrated than the chlorine levels found in a pool or hot tub

  • Chlorine itself is cheap and readily available. Our monitoring and dosing equipment has long life cycles and good reliability.

  • Our water is sourced from deep wells, not lakes or rivers. The chlorinated water will not taste or smell like the tap waters of Ashland or Superior.

  • The chlorinated water will not harm your septic systems, by the time water enters your septic system the residual chlorine will have been dissipated  


Centers for Disease Control

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Please contact Tim @715-813-7194 or Lori @715-372-8985

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