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Drinking Water

Iron River Sanitary District is committed to safe drinking water. We test our water bi-weekly to ensure clean, safe water.

We test for microbial contaminants: Virus/Bacteria from sewage, septic systems, livestock, wildlife. We test for inorganic contaminants annually: Salts, Toxic chemicals, Toxic Metals, Pesticides, and Herbicides. We test for organic contaminants annually: Synthetic and Volatile Chemicals such as Petrochemicals/Fossil Fuels. We test for radioactive contaminants annually: such as Radium.

Sanitary Sewer Collection

Iron River Sanitary District is committed to safe and sanitary sewer collection. We sample and test bi-weekly for: Biological Oxygen Demand, Suspended Solids, Ammonia, and Nitrogen.

We ensure that our engineered lagoons and wetlands are processing the towns effluent cleanly so that no harm is caused to anyone or anything downstream.

Need to get Water or Sewer hooked up?

Fill out the contact form, download, and fill out any of the necessary applications listed on our Request Service page. Please return completed applications via email, regular mail, or drop off in-person.

8185 US Hwy 2, Iron River, WI 54847, USA

(715) 372-4710

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